Our Services

We are not a “Jack of all Trades” company.

While a lot of companies will suggest that they are proficient in numerous fields and may have a little knowledge of each service, we feel that a little knowledge can sometimes be a recipe for disaster.

Byair Conditioning is a specialist air conditioning installation company. With many years of expertise we can confidently provide you with a wealth of knowledge within a very specific range of services to suit your requirements.

  • Teams of Installation Engineers and assistants, with our own transport and tools to carry out installation of your free issue equipment.
  • We can supply and install refrigeration materials, electrical wiring and all forms of support brackets to make a complete installation.
  • Supplying of refrigerant gas and commissioning new installations. We can safely remove old Refrigerant and arrange for proper disposal.
  • Servicing, Planned Maintenance and Trouble shooting for both new installations or existing equipment to maintain efficiency and warranties.
  • Domestic water services such as cold main supplies for humidifiers and above ground drainage systems for condensate removal.

Services Overview

Knowledge that comes from Experience.

Over the years we have been fortunate to have worked on a huge range of varied projects, everyone different and unique. The experience our engineers have obtained makes us confident that we can deliver the best service in these specialised markets.

Variable Refrigerant Volume.
Byair have installed numerous VRV systems and have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge. The client can benefit greatly from its heat recovery capabilities as indoor units have the ability to re-use the energy being transferred around the system. Because of these features most are now listed by the Carbon Trust and qualify under the ECA scheme.

Close Control.
Continued expansion of telecommunications and the internet requires reliable and energy efficient air conditioning solutions. Byair have provided accurate temperature and humidity control installations to these critical data centres.

Heat Recovery Ventilation.
Growing concerns about energy usage and climate change have resulted in many new developments in air conditioning and ventilation. Heat recovery is just one such example where Byair can provide a solution by not throwing away valuable energy and still providing for a pleasant living environment.
Just some examples of our specialised services. If you are unsure whether we can be of assistance to you, we would be delighted to answer any enquiry, with no obligation.
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